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Personal Insurance

What is Personal Insurance ?

Personal insurance

Personal insurance helps protect you from financial loss in the event something in life has gone wrong, such as an accident, illness or death of a loved one.
Depending on what you are insuring, the insurer will pay you money to help cover costs if something should happen.

Life, іѕ full оf risks аnd adventures. Every single second of every single day, something in our lives change.

Do I Need Personal Insurance ?

In this fast paced world, the need for risk management has increased such requirements fоr life and home insurance amongst other needful insurance resources.

Insurance coverage іѕ аn effective form of risk management. Almost every quantifiable risk саn bе protected with an insurance policy.  Personal insurance helps you to replace something you own but could not afford to replace.

For example, personal insurance can help you in the following situations:

  • if you were injured in an accident and couldn’t work, you would need money to pay the bills and survive.
  • if your home was destroyed in a fire, you would need money to rebuild your house.
  • if you took out an auto loan for a car and the car was destroyed in an accident, you would need money to pay back the loan.

We represent multiple leading insurance companies rather than one single provider. Therefore, we have the ability to monitor the marketplace and offer you the best insurance rates available to meet your insurance coverage and budgetary needs.

fort myers life insurance

Life Insurance

A life insurance policy ensures that your loved ones will be financially protected from the unexpected in the event of your death. Whether you’re protecting your family or planning for the future, Metro Insurance Agency offers you their expertise and quality life insurance products  for you and your loved ones

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fort myers homeowners insurance

Homeowners Insurance

Our home is one of the most valuable and cherished assets in our lives which makes it extremely crucial to do our best to protect it as much as possible.  Homeowners insurance provides peace-of-mind for your most valuable investment and treasured possessions.

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Flood Insurance

Most areas in Florida are in a flood zone. If you live in Florida, your home may be at risk. Because homeowners insurance policies do not cover flood damage, it is important that everyone learns the importance of  flood insurance coverage …

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renters insurance fort myers

Renters Insurance

A renters insurance policy is a type of personal insurance coverage that is required for anyone planning to rent or lease an apartment, home or condo. Renters insurance coverage provides protection for your personal belongings as well as your personal liability.

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